Sunday, May 20, 2012


Apologies for the post delay, things have been hectic around the Sutton household with the move into our new apartment. We are thrilled to have an abundance of space that we can grow into, and most importantly a room specifically for our "Nugget". I'm excited to finally have plenty of entertainment space and look forward to using some of my free time planning dinner parties and movie nights with friends.
But aside from apartment news, I very recently returned from my family vacation in Texas. It was so refreshing to spend everyday with the brother and sister-in-law, away from the the normal routine here in Ohio. I'm ashamed to admit I didnt take as many photos as i would have liked, but it felt great to distance myself from technology for a week. Here's a small collection of photos i managed to capture during my stay in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Registered & Protected

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