Monday, June 11, 2012


With a hardworking husband away most of the time, and a body that seems to always be low on energy, I've been a bit of a homebody lately. But even with most of my time being spent at home, there are plenty of  "TO-DO'S"; and with that wonderful due date fast approaching we've been having so much fun preparing for baby girl!
Unfortunately, the only camera that's been put to use lately is the one attached to my phone, but that will soon change because the Hubs and I have some lovely outings planned for the coming week! So here's a peak as of lately...
Finally settling in with all of my lovely reads, and re-visiting old favorites.
It's officially cherry season, and I picked up my first bundle over the weekend!
Our feline friends have tested my patience this week, so I fully take advantage of their cat naps!
Chris picked out the perfect shade of "lollipop" orange for the nursery, and we are now one step closer to pulling the room together. 
The pool has been overrun with kiddos and sunbathers, and has definitely kept me busy tending to it's needs. Who knew pool duty would be so time consuming!
One of Chris's dear friends recently got married, and I had such a wonderful time meeting all of his old high school buddies. Plus the cake was AH-MAZING!
Developed some of our ANN. photos to adorn our apartment walls.
 I've begun the search for vintage dinnerware to serve our guests, at baby girl's shower in September! Registered & Protected

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