Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Chris and I have been holding off long enough, and we're ready to spill the beans on the name we chose for our baby girl!It's been a struggle keeping it a secret from friends and family, so we're excited to announce our little Nugget's name will be...
(drum roll please)
Chris and I created a list of names early on in my pregnancy, and slowly dwindled it down to a few of our personal favorites. It was a bit of a challenge throughout, but once we stumbled upon the name Gemma there was no doubt we were finally on the same page .We wanted a name that was unique/uncommon but nothing complicated or too bizarre, and I don't think we could have chosen a more natural fit for baby girl.
With Chris in California on marine duty, I've spent lots of time talking and playing music to Gemma, and have been receiving precious kicks and nudges in return. With my six month mark exactly one week away, my mind is always on baby; I've been dedicating a lot of down time to new projects, and final decorative touches in the nursery. Soon, it'll be completed, and I'm very anxious to give everyone a glimpse into our special space!
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