Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm a couple days late on this post, but nevertheless I only have five days remaining in my SECOND trimester, and soon I'll be in the home stretch of this crazy journey! I really hate saying this out loud, but honestly this pregnancy has been a cinch so far ( I know a large majority of mothers are rolling their eyes reading this). Of course I have some of the normal symptoms (aching back, tense muscles, increased clumsiness), but overall I'd be a fool to complain, and I'm thankful that it's been such a positive experience thus far. On top of symptoms (or lack thereof) my "nesting" phase has been in full force lately, from completing all of baby girl's laundry, to arranging(then RE-arranging) the nursery; It seems as if I can't sit still anymore. Luckily, I've had an abundance of support from friends and family to keep me sane and busy this past week, which has kept my mind off that scary thing called "LABOR" that seems to be right around the corner, and has kept the anticipation of baby girl's arrival growing! Registered & Protected

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