Monday, July 30, 2012


With Chris's work schedule so sporadic these days, it's nearly impossible to try and plan date night's anymore; so yesterday we found a small window of time for an impromptu breakfast/coffee date downtown. It was so refreshing to spend time together at one of our favorite vegan-friendly eateries for brunch, followed by the most delicious lattes to wash it down. Unfortunately, we're unable to make it down to Northside very often anymore, so it was the best start to the morning walking around and taking in the sights. Thankfully the heat had subsided and we found ourselves lounging out on the back patio of Sidewinders Coffee , soaking up the sun and hanging out with the most precious bunny named "Patrick Swayze"(whom didn't seem as interested in us, as we were of him). Even though we may not be able to experience these impromptu dates as often once Gemma is here, it's exciting to think about adding a third party to our little adventures, and introducing her to all of our favorite things! Registered & Protected

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