Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Dear Nugget,
We only have ten weeks(give or take) remaining until Papa and I finally get to meet our baby girl! Although we're already in the third trimester, my bump is still on the smaller side and I believe you take up every square inch of it. Some days I feel as if your teeny feet are going to burst right through, which isn't the most  comfortable for Mama, but on the bright side it makes me smile knowing that you're growing big and strong! Papa and I have really enjoyed feeling you squirm around, and it's the highlight of my day to sit in bed watching my stomach, especially when I can see your entire little foot pushed up against my belly.
I've been having a lot of dreams lately,mostly dealing with going into labor and giving birth; I even had a magical dream where I saw what you looked like. Whether it's an accurate vision or not, it makes me even more excited to see who you look like and what strong features you have, EVEN if you do have Mama's nose; in that case I apologize! Until then, I will continue to enjoy every minute of this journey and prepare for the next one ahead.
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  1. Grandpa says the whole process is magical. You and Chris are doing the most important work anyone ever does, bringing a new life into the world and bringing he or she up to thrive and grow and make the world a better place. I am just glad to be along for the ride.