Thursday, August 30, 2012


Only 8 more weeks to go until baby girl is here, which seems so unreal how quickly these past seven months have come and gone. I'm finally starting to see the growing bump I've been anxiously waiting for, even though it's come with the price of uncomfortable aches and pains; but nevertheless I'm still feeling blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy thus far. The "to-do" list in preparation continues to dwindle, and although I've managed to keep busy with little projects here and there, my nerves have begun to make an appearance with each passing day. Thankfully, I have a loving husband who's greatly reassuring and gives me the boost of confidence to make it through some of my weaker moments when it comes to visioning myself as a mother.  With several exciting events just around the corner in honor of baby girl, like my maternity photo shoot, and our baby showers, it just makes this whole experience even more of a reality! Registered & Protected

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