Monday, September 24, 2012


There has been a lot of focus on "baby prep" around the Sutton household lately, which has made it quite difficult to find any time for blogging; luckily today has been pretty laid back, so I was able to snap a few "bump" photos with the help from my wonderful Hubby.
After a long four days of Chris being out of town on military duty, and our second baby shower over the weekend, my "nesting" has been in full force. I don't know how many times a day I stop whatever I'm doing to walk into the nursery to rearrange, add another item to my hospital bag, or clean the same counter top again, and again, and again.  This baby girl has me terribly anxious these days, and my number one coping mechanism seems to be cleaning, even more obsessively than normal!
Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy rest while I ca still get it, and take advantage of the independence I have, but honestly I couldn't look anymore forward to running on little to no sleep, and always having someone else to take care of ; I'm ecstatic about this huge change in my life and there's not one thing I'm dreading.
At 36 weeks, I feel pretty darn lucky to be feeling the way I do, even though (don't get me wrong) I've had a few rough nights and a sudden loss of appetite over the past week; but honestly what is there to complain about, really? The most precious thing to me is when I see the excitement on Chris's face whenever he talks about Gemma,or rubs my belly every time he walks by, and even when he's upset that I'm having painful contractions; it all reassures me of how much he loves "us" and how lucky I am to have that support. Baby girl could be here any day now... Registered & Protected

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