Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Earlier this week Papa and I were extremely eager for our USD appointment, so we could finally see how much you had grown since our last USD and of course to see that teeny tiny face I'd been dreaming about so much lately. Papa says you definitely have my nose, and I'd say you definitely have Papa's chubby cheeks similar to what he had when he was a baby. For the very first time I left an appointment feeling like a mom, even though I can feel you kick and squirm in my belly constantly, seeing you smile, yawn and even pout made everything so real; the vision of holding you in my arms seems just around the corner!
Although my nerves have made an appearance over the last several weeks, and the unknowns of labor have been on my mind, Papa has been doing a great job to reassure me that everything will be ok, and seeing you will be the ultimate payoff. I can't wait for that special moment when I lay eyes on you for the very first time, and it makes me shed happy tears just thinking about it. Keep growing baby girl, Mama is doing her best to be patient! Registered & Protected

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