Sunday, October 21, 2012


Well this is it, my due date is two days away but the end of my pregnancy could begin at any moment. I'm baffled by how quickly everything has flown by, and although it saddens me that there is a time drawing near where I won't feel baby girl squirm inside of me, I'm so ready to start a new chapter in life.The past few days have been consumed by uncomfortable early labor contractions, that forced me to raise a white flag and spend my day today couch ridden watching scary movies with the Hubs and sipping on ginger ale. I know the hardest moments of this journey are days or maybe even hours away, but I believe I'm mentally prepared for the adventure to come. Now if only Gemma would quit being stubborn and grant Mama and Papa their wish to meet her ASAP, because were excited to meet our little pumpkin! Registered & Protected

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