Saturday, October 6, 2012


Another original piece for the Gemma's wall
Vegan apple spice muffin. perfect to pair with the new Fall season
I've got my own personal "Ryan Stiles" on my hands, using any prop around him for a laugh.
A day at the pumpkin patch with family. Unfortunately, I didn't go home that day with  a pumpkin.
My first time trying homemade apple cider, and it was absolutely delicious!
It's officially knit cap season, but I'll never give into ordering hot lattes no matter how chilly it gets.
My last personal spa day, until AFTER baby.
Finally tried the yellow curry at one of my favorite Thai eateries, and  even bumped up the spice level! 
Adorable beanie and gifted boots for baby girl. There are so many precious items for little ones!
Recent polaroids to add to the collection.
One of the last glimpses of Gemma until we finally meet face to face!
Chris's new ink, to match mine! Registered & Protected

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