Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I really hate to make an excuse as to why I've been failing to update the blog lately, but truth be told being Mama to baby girl has had my hands tied. I feel as if the current month has been a blur, perhaps it's because my brain has been overwhelmed with holiday "to-do's", and motherhood occupying all of my time; but what's better than that, really?
Tomorrow marks Gemma Bear's two month birthday and good golly she's sprouting like a (beautiful) weed; I can already tell she's going to be tall like like her Papa and have legs for days! There's really nothing better than to wake up each morning to a cooing, grinning kiddo who is just smitten to see you, and I strive to fulfill my right each and everyday to make baby girl happy. Although I don't want time to pass us by too quickly, I'm living for the moments when she's growing and developing more and more as the days pass. I'm pretty obsessed with her delicate smiles and infectious giggles, and I'm anxious for the next stages when she's able to crawl and sit-up on her own!

Christmas is almost here and I'm overjoyed for family time, homemade treats, and making new memories with our little family of three (PLUS two stubborn kitty cats)

I'm so THANKFUL for this life I lead, and even through the tough times I can't help but thank God for his blessings; because lets be honest, without him I'd have nothing.
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