Thursday, November 7, 2013

Laid-back Afternoon

It's lazy days like today that really make me appreciate the "little things" even more then usual.
 I spent a good chunk of the afternoon hanging out in G-Bear's room, which is something we don't do very often. Most of our days are spent in the main living area of the house where there are a list of distractions, or out and about but it was refreshing to just spend some quality time just me and my mini; playing with her favorite toys and listening to music. We listened to Sucre's entire debut album which managed to set the perfect tone for our lovely play-date, not to mention how I just couldn't get enough of Gemma's adorable body twists and wiggles in reaction to the music.Girl sure LOVES to dance
 Later, Chris joined in for some pizza and a movie and we finally witnessed Gemma's first steps! Our evening concluded with an intense man hunt for the baby monitor which seemed to vanish into thin air; fast forward 30 minutes and I managed to find it hidden in my boot by no other than little "G" herself. She sure knows how to make us laugh, and is definitely debuting her mischievous personality more with each passing day!
Now let's get this busy weekend started! Registered & Protected

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