Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving a day early.

Thanksgiving came a day early this year, and it brought plenty of snow in it's company! We spent the afternoon with my side of the family, and of course there was no lack of delicious food or beautiful company. I'm beyond grateful that I can go to bed with a full stomach tonight, and recognize the fact many go to bed most nights with empty ones. I'm always thankful for everything I have: friends, family,good health, a roof over my head, among many many other things.
Tomorrow (or any day), I urge you to bless someone else whether the deed be big or small.It could be a financial gift, or providing a meal, or one of my personal favorites...buying someones coffee order behind you in line! People love "free", but they LOVE free coffee (me included). Although that may seem like a trivial suggestion, it's the little things that truly count!I know I will definitely put forth effort tomorrow to bless someone any way I can.
Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless! Registered & Protected

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