Friday, December 20, 2013


So I actually created this blog post a week or so ago but completely forgot to publish it...silly me.
Nevertheless, I wanted to share a coffee-date I had with my lovely friend/neighbor Katie at a new spot here locally. I discovered "Cavu" through an acquaintances Instagram  feed and became so giddy to try it out (Yes, I get giddy when it comes to coffee...don't judge me.) The interior is clean-cut with just the right touches of gold, mint, and black (ALWAYS the most perfect color scheme), and plenty of industrial character, not to mention the coffee itself is spot on!
Although I enjoy mainstream coffee companies like Starbucks, there is just something special that comes from those "GEMS" of coffee spots like "Cavu" that seem to make the product taste better. Perhaps its the love and care these smaller businesses seem to put into each and every drink. I'll most certainly be going back very soon. Registered & Protected

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