Friday, May 2, 2014

Little coffee date.

Today, I had the cutest coffee date and not surprisingly she enjoyed her (non-existent) coffee out of her own cup. The one and a half year old phase that is currently upon us is officially my favorite thus far, even with new-found "sassy-ness" included, and the quirky personality beginning to shine through is just too precious.
I couldn't contain my giggles each and every time G took an imaginary sip out of her cup, followed by an "Mmmm" while smacking her lips.
We've recently begun learning toddler sign language, and so far G's blown me away with just how quickly she memorizes signs; It's making this Mama so proud and has been such a great bonding experience as well. She's one special kiddo and I can't believe she's mine! Registered & Protected

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