Friday, June 6, 2014

Garden Family Shoot.

Oh my gracious, where do I begin with this shoot. I literally gasped in "awe" when I received the first glimpse of the finished photos yesterday. I wanted our shoot to be delicate and fresh, with hints of a Victorian flair throughout, and I believe my wishes were executed beautifully.                      

Our first mini tea sesh was a big hit with  G. She couldn't get enough of our prop "Snapple".

Since our shoot followed so closely after our wedding anniversary, I thought it'd be fun to relive our special day a bit so I dug out my wedding gown, and shoes from storage and decided to feel like royalty for a moment sitting under this gorgeous pergola. I have a slight obsession with period films, especially those dealing with Britain in the 18th century, also known as the "Georgian Period". Thanks to a close friend of mine for letting me raid his collection of antique finds, our talented photographer and friend, plus my own personal collection of "pretties", my inspiration was brought to life!

^^^what a HAM!

I love this little family of mine so passionately, and will cherish these photos forever.
I need to thank Veritas Studio for doing such an amazing job! Natalie has been our number one go to for our photography needs for the past few years and she always spot-on with her vision. This shoot is a dream thanks to her talent behind the lens. Registered & Protected

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