Monday, March 2, 2015


With the realization that this pregnancy is 5 weeks or less from completion is just about enough to send me into a bit of a tizzy. Thoughts I have been putting in the back of my mind until now, are now flooding my head space. Have I done enough to prepare Gemma to be a big sister, and share her "Mama" time with another little one? Should I have physically prepared my body better for delivery? Did I take all the necessary vitamins and supplements for a healthy pregnancy? Have I made sure to spend as much quality time with my husband throughout it all? Even though these questions tend to overwhelm me at times, when it really comes down to it I know I have done nothing short of my best. Tomorrow will mark 35 weeks on the calender, and I feel every day of it. Even with the major aches, pains, and exhaustion of this pregnancy, I still absolutely adore the whole process of carrying a child and am so thankful I've had another chance to experience it.
Over the weekend me and my trusty photog friend over at "Veritas Studio", had some fun taking photos in a large and very chilly warehouse space. Natalie has been photographing my family for quite some time now, and has captured so many special moments and stages throughout my little family's existence. 

I am so pleased with how beautiful these turned out, and I will cherish them and these five remaining weeks of carrying Haddie forever. Registered & Protected

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