Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life with two!

These two girls of mine, what more can I say than how incredible it feels to be a Mama of another little one. The adjustment period since having our Haddie has been nothing short of tiring, but it's truly been the greatest responsibility I could imagine. Haddie is thankfully calm and quiet the majority of the time which makes it easier to give Gemma the attention she craves.By no means do I have this new life down to a Science and I'm definitely not the perfect parent, but I'm blessed to have my two girls, and a heavenly Father that guides me through this massive responsibility!

^^^Serious "De Javu" with this photo. It's insane how much she resembles her big sister.

^^^ I hope she embraces her adorable gap as she grows. I'm smitten over it! Registered & Protected

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