Sunday, January 17, 2016


Our recent trip to Nashville may have only been a quick three days, but we sure weren't short on food and fun. In three days time, I managed to consume more coffee than any reasonable amount, and eat enough to satisfy me until Spring. Aside from yummy things to digest, my groom and I cherished our childless time, to reconnect and refresh what "life" tends to overwhelm; a "reset" button if you will. We needed those few days to rest our minds, and disconnect from the normal routines of daily life. Something as simple as not having to set an alarm, but just allow our bodies to wake up at their own pace! I'm extremely grateful for my family who without question jumped at the chance to keep the girls, while we were away! I missed them both terribly, but am thankful for so many special memories made with my babe in such a magical city.
This was my second time using "Airbnb" in Nashville and the cozy cottage was my favorite one yet! Everyday the space would fill with gorgeous natural light, and we were greeted by a small village of chickens peeking in our front door. 

^^^Whiskey caramel latte, and iced bourbon vanilla latte!

^^^Those tater tots are the greatest

^^^not something you wake up to everyday!
       Nashville holds such a special place in my heart, and especially my tummy!
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