Friday, February 12, 2016

Coffee Guide: Cincinnati {Part 1}

My recent trip to Nashville inspired me in a lot of ways, specifically when it comes to blogging and the desire to make it a weekly habit, and not a yearly tradition. Anytime I go out of town, most of my time is dedicated towards eating and more importantly drinking coffee. I began dabbling in the world of coffee at a young age (as in too young to be drinking coffee), which was purely by accident. See ever since I can remember, my Pops has never been without his massive "Ford" travel mug filled to the rim with the good bean. One random day, I decided to ask for a taste because if he was always sipping on this stuff it must be good right? My dad handed me his mug without hesitation thinking I'd instantly spit it out in disgust, but to his surprise I said " Mmm, that's good!" So the rest is history I suppose. Needless to say, I've become quite familiar with Cincinnati's coffee game and thought it'd be fun to take ya'll on a tour of some of my favorite local shops.
I figured it'd be difficult to narrow down to top five, so I decided it best to split this post into two parts, which honestly just gives me an excuse to drink more coffee! 

Carabello is worth a drive across the river, no question. They're an artisan coffee roasting company, that also use their profits to fund outreach in third world coffee producing nations.The cold brew is absolutely delicious, and is perfection on it's own, and the "Monster" cookie is a bit hit with my Gemma Bear!

Their "Honey Bear" and "Ginger-spice" lattes are seasonal but boy are they lovely. The atmosphere is bright and open. Not an abundance of seating available, but there is an adorable children's book shop next door called "Blue Manatee", so if you have kiddos, you can grab coffee to go, and hit up story time!

I'm a sucker for open space, and lots of crisp white!

CAVU COFFEE: West Chester/Mason
A truly hidden gem in the heart of suburbia with two locations. When I'm not in the mood to drive downtown (which is pretty regular), I visit Cavu. They provide a warm, and welcoming environment, which is also kiddo friendly with a basket of toys/games provided. It's the perfect play date spot! Their variety of seasonal/specialty drinks make it really difficult to choose, especially since each drink is better than the next. My house favorite is the coconut latte. It's divine!

For years, it's been my treasured spot. Their iced vanilla latte with almond milk is rich but not too heavy, and is my top pick. Don't get me started on the vegan baked goods either, good gracious the zucchini muffin gives me life! Plenty of seating is provided, plus it's just a block away from a great record store and some delicious eateries.

I would love feedback on any coffee shops you enjoy that weren't listed and perhaps I'll include them in "Part 2".

Now go get caffeinated!
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