Monday, April 11, 2016

Haddie Bex{ 1 years old }

Between sickness, and throwing our chunky girl her first birthday party, I haven't had the chance to post Haddie's one year photos until now. Saturday, we gathered to celebrate our baby girl turning 1! I don't remember Gemma's first year of life going by as fast, but Haddie's absolutely flew, and I still haven't quite processed it all. Even as I type, tiny giggles are coming from the playroom, and it's difficult to grasp that my babies are already so big! Sickness aside, this weekend was a dream and we're beyond grateful for this beautiful baby of ours, who is already so full of personality and humor it's unreal. Happy one year, boo boo!

Haddie's day of celebration. Needless to say, she appreciated all of the cake! Registered & Protected

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