Friday, July 29, 2016

Gal Pal Society: Sasha

Sasha, 28

If you've ever been lucky enough to have met Sasha at one point in time, there's no doubt that she left an impression. My first time meeting Sasha was at a church Superbowl party in 2013, when Beyonce was the halftime headliner. For any of you that may not know, Sasha is quite fond of the "Queen B", and her friends even refer to her as "Sasha Fierce" which just so happens to be B's alter-ego. Needless to say, Sasha was ecstatic for the halftime show, and had the moves to prove it; this was my first impression of Sasha, and I was instantly hooked to her natural ability to make those around her so happy. There have been countless times beyond our initial meeting that her magic has had the same effect on me, even during the recent amount of time she lived on the opposite side of the states, when she still managed to make me smile through her hysterical social media posts. God certainly has blessed her with many gifts, one major gift being her overall ability to make any individual comfortable, whether it be a client in her salon chair, a random encounter with a stranger, or a new friend she meets at a Superbowl party. Thankfully, she has recently moved back to Cincinnati to grace us with her beauty and talents, after an extended time in California, and no offense to those in the "Golden State" but I think we'll keep her!
Last week I caught up with Sasha over coffee, and then headed to her new work-space to document her number one passion. Normally I'm the one in the chair so it was a refreshing change to stand back and watch the girl in her element!

Tell me a little bit about your childhood and the dynamic of it?
I was born into a dysfunctional family; my birth parents were drug addicts so at two months old I was put into a foster home. At three and a half I was adopted by a sweet elderly couple. Shirley was 55 at the time and Bill was 63, but six short weeks after I was adopted my foster dad suddenly passed from a heart attack. Although the presence of a father-figure was missing, Shirley’s role in my life was more than enough, and I truly believe our relationship was exactly what God knew we needed from one another.

Who had the greatest influence on you growing up, and what significance has it played in your life to this day?
My mom Shirley, because she’s always been a fighter; a sacrificial, selfless, Godly woman. She is now 82 and although her physical health is declining, her mental state is good. I’m extremely grateful for her, and the fact that she’s still just as sassy as ever.

Where did your passion for doing hair come from?
Growing up mixed, but being raised in a predominately white atmosphere, I was forced early on to experiment with my hair and how to manage it. I always had a strong desire to try new things, which lead to my closest friends wanting me to do their hair. In high school we moved to Texas and I began charging $5 per haircut from the kids in my neighborhood, while I was still in my internship. I would use some of the cash I made to treat all of my friends to the popsicle stand down the street since I was usually the only one with money.

If you could erase one hair trend completely, which would it be?
The Kelly Clarkson “chunky highlights”, because red, blonde and black should never be combined!

I really admire the long running friendships you have with the same core group of females. What is most important in keeping those friendships thriving?
We all have the same framework, in that we have a relationship with God, and although we don’t necessarily share the same common interests, we all truly love every aspect of one another. We all just simply want the best for each other.

 On the outside you radiate confidence, and a natural ability to make people smile. How do you keep that positive light, and what driving force is behind it?
Having such a Godly woman as a mother, that was always very eccentric with how she dressed and carried herself, and didn’t care what people thought about her. Some of the happiest moments I can think of in life consist of me sitting on a couch with friends and laughing. I believe God has given me the gift of humor and I have a strong desire to bring joy to anyone I interact with.

 How are girls doing it wrong these days in terms of female friendships or lack thereof?
They care too much about “portraying a certain image”, and are so afraid to allow people to see their flaws. I so don’t care if people see my flaws, like if I farted, you’re going to know I farted. We’re already so insecure about our own selves, we have this desire to make others feel insecure by putting one another down.

What is your most guilty pleasure?
Definitely Snapchat. I’m a little too obsessed with seeing what other users view my snaps, plus the filters are hysterical. It's not something you need to take seriously whatsoever.

What’s top of your bucket list, as of lately?

Travel overseas to Greece, Ibiza, Indonesia and Ireland! I also have a goal to “brand” myself and communicate the message of hope and love through my brand. I want to offer women opportunities to “feel” beautiful whether it through hair, or getting photos taken. 

You're a real gem Sasha. Thank you for being the light you are to the world and to all who cross your path! Keep shining, girl!

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