Friday, July 22, 2016

Gal Pal Society: Tyler

Tyler, 30.

Tyler and I met nearly ten years ago through her husband Donny, who was just her boyfriend at the time, but in typical adolescent female fashion, we didn't become friends until several years later.Tyler and Donny have now been married for six years and are probably one of the most in sync couples I've ever been fortunate enough to know. I have very fond memories of hanging out at Tyler's duplex watching terribly phony reality television, and spending countless nights on the front porch finding entertainment in the "locals" as they walked by. Tyler is a go-getter, a hard worker, and ceases any and every opportunity to get the things she wants out of life with a smile on her face. Not only do we share a common appreciation for things like Starbucks, hip hop, and sarcasm ( you know, the important things) Tyler recently became a Mama to a handsome baby boy, so poopy diapers and spit up are now fair game in the conversation department. She has never strayed from being a true original, but is more importantly one of the sweetest souls I know, and has always been motivated to be MORE than what is expected of her. I'm thrilled to be sharing a glimpse of Tyler's life with all of you, because she's someone in my life that has brought me great joy to know!
Currently basking in the glory of maternity leave, I visited Tyler at her beautiful home to ask her a few questions and photograph parts of her everyday life. 

Tyler and Donny share their home with three adorable boxers: Stella, Huckabee(pictured above), and Benson.
Cohen Vincent Ray. How precious is he honestly!?

Motherhood looks so good on you, Ty!
Tyler has practiced yoga since she was 15, and at the age of 21 she spent a summer in Costa Rica to become a certified instructor. she has taught classes for several years now at LA Fitness.
The sweetest boy, being so handsome for the camera.
Tyler's "Triumph" which is just one of her bike babies.
Her infamous armpit tats have always intrigued me. Who said armpits can't be beautiful?

Who had the greatest influence on you growing up?
Probably my dad, Billy. He worked third shift at the railroad, so growing up I was always hanging out with him,whether it was working in the garage, or him teaching me different things he was passionate about. He helped shape me into the tomboy I still am today, and taught me to be fearless. When I was young, he decided to push me down our long driveway on my bicycle with no training wheels so I would learn how to ride. After a few times of me running into the fence going full speed, I eventually caught on and learned to ride in a very short amount of time. He was always teaching me something!

Where did your passion for motorcycles stem from?
My Uncle Gerald was always working on his "Harley Davidsons" along with my dad, so the admiration for bikes was engraved in me at a young age. I remember being a little girl and wanting to hurry and move out, because my mom continuously threatened me that I was not to have a bike of my own until I was grown, with my own house and garage to store it. As soon as I moved into my own place I bought a bike, and now between my husband and I, we each own two!

How has having a son changed your ability to ride if at all? My desire in riding hasn’t changed but being a new mom has had it’s demands and I’m adapting to a new schedule. If I could strap him on me right now and ride I would, but obviously that’s not realistic. My husband Donny and I will be headed to Columbus later this month on our bikes for the “Ride or Die” festival which I’m really excited about. You collectively ride your motorcycles around the Columbus area to different skate parks, stopping for a skating session at each one.It’ll be my first time leaving him for an extended amount of time but I’m excited to get back into riding. I’d love to teach Cohen to ride dirt bikes and skate when he gets a bit older, because Donny and I both highly enjoy those things.

As long as I’ve known you, you’ve always shown such confidence. Where would you say you adopted it from?
I was fortunate to be raised in a home where my parents rarely ever argued and created a very positive atmosphere in the household growing up. My parents have both always been very confidant people. They pushed me to give my all which helped me never give up on anything I pursued, even if I didn’t necessarily enjoy something or WANT to do it. I was a cheerleader for a good chunk of my grade school years, which was a very natural sport for me and something I greatly excelled in, which also helped contribute to my confidence.

When you think of an “Alpha- Female” who comes to mind, and why
Funny enough, the wrestler Chyna. Growing up I watched a lot of wrestling and in our culture at the time she was the epitome of a tough female.

You have a full house between your three boxers, hubby, and now baby boy. On top of working full-time, and being a part time yoga instructor, how do you balance it all?
Organization has always been a top priority for me, and I’ve always adapted routines in my everyday life. Multitasking is something I believe is definitely dire in my life. Of course, I’m a tad OCD as well, which certainly contributes to how I run my life, down to every dish in the sink and dog toy on the floor. It also helps to have a partner willing to reschedule his life, and be supportive of my passions. My husband Donny will come home from work early on days I have a yoga class to instruct so I'm able to feed my desires and stay active with things I love.

What’s your next venture? What’s top on your bucket list?
Start my own business which would most likely be named "Cream"(an ode to Wu Tang) which would be a mix of a coffee shop, yoga studio, and motorcycle garage where Donny could work on bikes or biker community could gather. A company that my husband and I could both pursue what we enjoy most and start our own little empire. I also feel I have a calling to create some sort of outlet to inspire other women to ride motorcycles, and help build that confidence in females who might have the desire to ride but are too afraid. Somewhere they can either learn to ride or a movement of women to ride alongside one another, in a lifestyle that's predominately male.

What three words best describe you?
Sarcastic, Out-going, Free-spirited. Thank you again Tyler for being such a strong female presence in the world, and not being afraid to show up the boys from time to time. You are an amazing gift to all that know you!

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