Friday, September 30, 2016

Gal Pal Society: Brittany

Brittany: 31

Call me biased, but this weeks lovely lady is easily my favorite to date. My sister Brittany is as equally beautiful on the inside as she is  on the outside. Her laugh is infectious, humor is off the wall, and personality is down right weird in the best way. She's been my partner in crime, maiden of mischief, and biggest fan for 27 years. Growing up with a sister came with natural adolescent drama, but when it mattered most, my big sister has always been by my side. Whether it was to threaten the neighborhood boys that would pick on me (or throw their sneakers in the woods, ahem..) reassure me of my worth when I doubted it, or offer to take my girls out for the entire day because she sensed I needed some "me" time. Too many selfless acts to mention in a reasonable amount of time. Being the "baby" of the family came with plenty of  built-in insecurities and feelings of being misunderstood by my older siblings which in turn made my sister and I butt heads the majority of our teenage years. It wasn't until we grew older and wiser like most do that we then realized the commonality we had between us, and the importance of each other's presence in one another's lives. There are more times than I could possibly count on my hands and toes that Brittany was there without a second thought through some of the toughest experiences and phases of my life; these past few years have especially strengthened not just our bond as sisters but more importantly our friendship.
Whether you have a personal friendship with Britt or have only met her briefly, it's no secret she is one of the most kind, and generous individuals with a whole lot of love to give anyone in her path. I've witnessed on many occasions Britt going out of her way for a stranger off the street, whether it was food to fill their empty stomach, diapers for their infant, or simply a car ride to help them get home; there's never been question or doubt to help them. When many people would feel highly uncomfortable doing so, Brittany has a natural ability to connect to anyone on the most genuine level, which has greatly inspired me to be more bold in my everyday throughout the years.
Knowing Brittany and all that she has struggled with throughout her life, she truly has one of the most powerful testimonies of anyone I've ever known. From childhood struggles, to her impending health issues, and struggles with self-hatred, among the everyday trials of  LIFE on top of it, she's always stayed reliant on God and pushed forward. Now to see her married to the best male match I could've ever imagined, living in their dream house, and trusting in God's plan more than ever, I couldn't be happier for her and all she has been blessed with.

 The Tucker Homestead is a cute one!
One of MANY furballs Mr. and Mrs. Tucker will own, I'm sure


I love her so much...

...and so do my girls!

What did you aspire to be as a kid, when you grew up?
Everything, but mainly in grade school I always said I wanted to be a mommy and a wife. Around fourth grade, I said I wanted to be an archaeologist, in seventh grade a missionary, in high school crime scene investigator, and in college an educator/creation scientist. Currently, I aspire to be a small business owner, and have already thought about a vegan ice cream shop called the "pudgy pig".

So what is it about being an early childhood educator, that you find comfort in?I think it's always been a gift, and not exactly something I chose for myself. I think the brain of a child is magical and beautiful, and keeps me grounded. Being a teacher has helped shape me, and forced me to check where my true priorities are in life.

You just celebrated your first month of being a married woman. What has being married taught you so far and what has surprised you most?
So far it's taught me the importance of "true love", and putting their needs before my own. Also, grace, patience and communication which are all things Justin has done a far better job at showing than me. He teaches me everyday to be more selfless. One thing that has surprised me is how Justin has really sacrificed and stepped up in such a strong spiritual way in our marriage. He suggested we wake up every morning and pray before each of us goes to work which is something we talked about before marriage but he actually made the effort to implement.

What's your favorite thing about living in the country, and what vision do you have for your little farmhouse in progress? What animal is next on your wish list?The quick access to nature, and the gorgeous landscape is such a blessing. We have so much right outside our doorstep. Our dream for our farm house is to eventually be entirely eco-friendly, own a variety of animals and create a welcoming home to entertain our closest friends and family. I've wanted goats for a very long time, so if I had my way I'd certainly like to get a goat or two next.

You had your honeymoon in the Yukon territory, what was your favorite memory made? Where is the next destination on your wish list with Justin?
The simple fact that it was Justin and I's first trip together as a married couple was for sure special. Also, our adorable cabin in all it's simplicity created such an intimate, and peaceful atmosphere being completely surrounded by nothing but nature. I can't fail to mention standing on a hillside during one of our hikes, and hearing multiple wolves howl around us. Next on our list is hiking in Oregon and Washington State next year.

If budget wasn’t a factor, where would be your dream vacation?Backpacking through Israel, learning all about Jesus's life, then throughout Europe for several months, traveling mostly by foot or train. I'd sleep camping style, but also bunk with families and learn as much as I could about their different cultures.

What do you think is most important for girls to learn at a young age? Being an Aunt, what is it you’d like Gemma and Haddie to learn from you specifically? Or your own children down the road.Most importantly to rely only on Jesus and put their security in Him alone for true happiness, because all other people and things lead to disappointment eventually. Our cultures value of beauty is shallow and evil. Beauty is subjective and nobody can tell you that you're beautiful; I'm still learning that myself. I hope Gemma and Haddie learn from me that they're are special, wonderful and created with power and purpose. To deny social norms, and standards, to stand up for themselves, to love God, and to not care what anyone but Him thinks. That they have forever brought joy and happiness to my soul. A good taste in music, movies and a love of nature wouldn't hurt either!

Describe yourself in three (positive) words.Passionate, Odd, and Caring.

If you could possess any superpower, which would it be?The ability to not require food, drink and sleep. I'd save so much time and money. haha

What's the best thing about being Vegan? What's the worst?
Best: living a cruelty-free lifestyle, and saving animals from inhuman mistreatment. Worst: The stigma and idiotic jokes from meat eaters.

Speaking of being Vegan, what is one non-vegan food you miss, or wish they would re-create?
EGGS! They did recently release an egg replica but I have yet to try it. It's on my to-do list!

I love you fiercely, and am beyond thankful for your compassion, understanding, and advice over my life. These past few months especially have been a blessing, and I'm so excited to see where God takes you and Justin next on your adventure in life together. Thank you for being the best Aunt for my girls, and showing them how to be weird and quirky beyond measure. You have touched many lives and will continue to do so, I'm sure.
Never stop being you.
Go get em, Icebox!

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