Friday, September 9, 2016

Gal Pal Society: Gabi

Gabi: 24

I don't know abut you, but I feel like my city, and really the world can seem so small at times, especially the webs that social media helps weave of this seemingly small community of people that know one another. Gabi and I met over social media just several months ago, and became quick friends over our similarities and the fact our oldest kiddos absolutely adore one another. After meeting through our first play date, I discovered that Gabi attended high school with my husband, and her parents founded "The Underground", a local music venue next door to my childhood community and a place I frequented throughout my teenage years. It became clear as to why I felt like I had seen or met her at one time or another in the past, but just couldn't pin point it.
It may be my newest friendship, but she could very well be the friend I have most in common with to date. We have similar personalities, interests and passions, but also we joke that our husbands are the same person, and in a way even resemble one another. Gabi is equally goofy as she is blunt, especially when it comes to her parenting style which I can greatly relate to, along with her passion for everything crafty, which she wins at because she is far more talented than I. She is fiercely independent and gets the job done, whatever that might be, which I can strongly appreciate. Her home is filled with an overwhelming presence of love, creativity, and attention to those little details that make my interior designer heart swoon. She certainly has an artistic gift, and it shows throughout each room. Her son Silas stole my heart in an instant, and apparently has already asked my daughter, Gemma to marry him, in which she responded with a "yes" and a giggle.  Gabi is expecting her second baby boy, Maddox on September 29th. How great does she look, seriously!

He's going to be one awesome big brother.
Lookin good Mama! Can't wait to meet the little mister!
I love their bond, and let me just say Silas is quite the ham in front of the lens.
Despite her expression, she made an amazing quilt for Maddox, FIRST TRY.
Because, minions.

What's a little bit about your background? What was the dynamic of your family?
         I have a 14 year old brother, so I did a lot of babysitting growing up. I always felt like our relationship was more mother-son, rather than sister-brother. My father’s side is much larger, than my mom’s. My father is an ordained minister, and although he wasn't the head of a specific church, we were very involved in our home church, and others, so it always felt as if I was somewhat of a pastor’s kid.

                   Your father was the founder of a music venue growing up, what was that like? Would you say      
        that helped you gain friends more easily?
I was six years old when my parents bought the first “underground” building, plus they were both working full-time jobs at the time, so I was back and forth from my grandparents to the building constantly. They bought the second building which is now known as “the underground” when I was around thirteen, and it continues to run as a non-profit now. Growing up, it was really cool being around music so much, especially when I already had such a passion for it. I obviously had the perks of meeting bands I liked, or seeing shows for free.I didn’t necessarily make friends easier, but the friends I did have were usually the volunteers, and some years older than me. I didn’t have an issue making friends as much as maintaining the friendships.

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself having Silas? What surprised you about yourself?
Having Silas was a major motivator in my life, and kicked my butt into gear. It made my life purposeful on a whole other level. It was a big flip in the way I viewed my current relationships, like with Silas’s father, whom I had become very dependent on. I entered counseling to discover my true worth and the realization that I didn’t need the toxicity I had come accustomed to.

What's something you would like to do differently this time around?
Well with Maddox on the way, I now have a very supportive spouse (something I didn’t have with Silas), who wants to be involved with every single aspect of our baby and my pregnancy.. Now that I have that I look back at when I was pregnant with Silas and clearly see just how much has positively changed in my life.

What's your greatest passion, currently?
Being a mother and a wife is really the best thing, as cliche as that sounds. To see my husband Jeff interact with my son, Silas and care for him as his own is so rewarding and the greatest gift I could ask for. I’m so thankful for him.

What's your favorite thing about your husband? How long have you been married?
We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary this past week!  He’s completely opposite of me 100%, which challenges me, and also forces me to discover new things about myself. I have a somewhat dominating personality, and am used to being independent, so I’m thankful that he’s confident enough to challenge me if need be, or just simply be there for me and take care of things in our everyday lives even if I feel like I can do it on my own.

What's something people would be surprised to know about you?
I was an aerialist in a circus, but had to stop once I got pregnant with Silas. It was within the “Cincinnati Circus Company”, but I did travel a little with them.

What characteristics of yours are similar in Silas? What do you hope passes down to your babe on the way?
Silas is a very particular little boy, and already has a big interest in music like I always did. I hope Maddox has a love for creativity and has my strong will and work ethic. I do hope he’s not as stubborn as me, and grows up valuing himself better than I did. Gabi, Thank you for letting me feature you although I know you were uncomfortable, but you did so great! I'm thankful for you, and every conversation we share whether silly or serious. I can't wait to meet the newest member of the Larkin bunch, and furthermore continue to grow our friendship into something grand. Love ya girl!

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