Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Gal Pal Society: Be your own Valentine

It's been awhile since I did a "Gal Pal" post and I figured with today being Valentine's Day I wanted to do something special. I had an idea a few weeks back to create a post centered on female self-love and use it to encourage other gals out there to re-direct possible loneliness or disappointment on Valentine's Day and proclaim all of the things there are to love about ourselves! I had no idea who or how many ladies would be willing to be involved in my little idea, but I was entirely thankful for the beautiful women and young ladies below that entertained my vision and volunteered their time! I asked everyone to tell me three things they love about themselves and their idea of the perfect Valentine gift.
Whether you're married, single, or away from your spouse on this day, I want you to take time to evaluate all the beautiful things that make you, YOU! We MUST love ourselves before we can allow others to love us, and I hope this post inspires you to do just that!
Thank you again to every Gal Pal that was involved. I hope to continue this series for years ahead because it has inspired and encouraged me greatly. I hope to continue dedicating my life to creating uplifting female friendships, and helping women of all ages to embrace God's design and purpose over their lives.
I hope you enjoy reading, and have a love filled Valentine's Day!
Beth: 29
Stay at home Mama
"I'm loyal to my friends, I'm pretty okay in the baking department, I love my hair and I love trying new things! A movie date with my husband would be the perfect gift!"

Casilyn: 26
Independent MaryKay Beauty Consultant
" I love my hair. I like it long, and voluminous! My confidence. The older I get, the more confident I seem to be. The fact I have the gift of discernment, God gave that to me and it's been one of the most precious gifts.I want to receive a gift from the heart. Those intangible moments of healing of the heart, relationships, or spirit are the most precious gift."

Bailey: 18
"I love my sense of humor, the way I look in a dress, and my make-up skills. A movie night with pizza and milkshakes would be perfect."

Tyler: 30
Branch Manager/ Yoga Instructor
"I love being a mother to my baby boy Cohen and feel so lucky that God gave me him. The fact that I'm organized, goal oriented and very driven. Lastly, my name and the uniqueness behind it! If I could just receive love from my two boys: Cohen & Donny"

Jasmine: 23
"My personality, my smile and my laziness! I would love to receive an engagement ring or a necklace with my son's birthdate in roman numerals."

Vicki: 22
Front counter/ Back-up piercer at Hybrid Image
" I love my hair, my baking skills, and my goofy sense of humor. On Valentine's Day a dinner date to BD Mongolian Grill with my amazing hubby would be perfect!"

Brittany: 31
Preschool Teacher
"My ability to connect with children, my passion for nature/God's creation and my compassion towards others. I'd want to receive exactly what I'm already receiving: time with my husband and nature (he planned a trip to Yellow Springs)."

Rachel: 31
Stay at home Mom/photographer/former librarian
"My sarcasm, being proud to say I'm a good mom(been worried about that my whole life),and as my boyfriend says the fact that I'm "brutally honest". Perfect gift: hugs and kisses from my daughter Olivia!"
Gemma: 4
"I love being silly. I'm cute, and a good dancer! I would want something new, like a lego blind bag and a vanilla bean frappachino." (I had to google what a "lego blind bag" was, apparently I'm not caught up on childhood fads...)

Natalie: 32
Photographer"I like that God has given me the gift of creativity. I enjoy that I see things and immediately think I could make that! Challenge accepted. I'm a decent cook and baker. I'm blessed to be able to make good meals for my family. My kids are pretty great. It might not seem like something I like about me but I think your kids are often a pretty accurate reflection of yourself. Gifts really aren't my love language but chocolate is always good!"
Taylin: 12
" I can be myself around anyone, I'm beautiful on the inside and out, and I stand up for what is right. My perfect gift would be chocolate!"

Lucy: 6
"My favorite thing is that I'm ME, and that I can jump off of things!"
Kayla: 26
Newborn Intensive Care, Registered Nurse
" I love my height (I used to be very self conscious about it). I've always had a deep desire to help people. I also like my handwriting. My perfect gift would be a tie between dark chocolate or pasta...or macaroons...or food in general."

Steph: 25
Graphic Designer Extraordinaire
"My ability to draw letters, I can connect with pretty much any child and my empathy towards others. The perfect gift would be hiking in the woods with a few people. Spending quality time with each other exploring God's creation and having conversations about Jesus."

Makayla: 12
" I like that I don't care what anybody thinks or says about me. I like how I play basketball even though people say it's more for the boys. I also like that I'm an outgoing and fun person. I would like to receive a note from a friend or family member for Valentine's Day!"

Courtney: 27
Stay at home Mama, avid coffee drinker
"First and foremost I love what I have that society would deem  physical flaws like my big nose, thick eyebrows and gap in my teeth especially. I like my trusting nature. Although I've been burned more times than I can count I'm thankful God has instilled a forgiving spirit in me. I probably give people too many chances, but I strongly believe in people's ability to change. Lastly, I like my passion for writing, which I believe is truly God-given. I'm very much a loner and writing has given me a platform to connect with people I never imagined. My perfect V-day gift would definitely be a bubble bath, followed by watching 500 Days of Summer, and eating a pint of ice cream in bed, which I vow to fulfill tonight!"

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